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Im not sure what to write lol

Current Residence: WonderLand forest
Favourite genre of music: Metal, Heavy Metal, Rock
Favourite photographer: Sammi Doll
Favourite style of art: not sure
Favourite cartoon character: robin,Batman, Joker,batwoman
Personal Quote: Sticks and Stones can break my bones but words can never hurt me
Tumblr: zer0thecupcakeprincess.tumblr.…
I got tagged by :iconat-nomi:

Here's a fun little questionnaire for those of you that hold multiples ships. Here's what you do.
-Just answer each question with the name of one or more of your ships or whatever the question asks. xD
-Tag at least five friends to do this questionnaire too.
Simple as that. 
So have fun. ^^

1. How many ships do you currently have? (As in how many are currently dating/engaged/married/etc.)
Can you name all the pairings you have?
 (give their ship names too if they have one)
OrangeCake Princess Cupcake X Blaze
VampireDoll  Zero X Rag
GingerRoll  Elenor X Kenneth 
CatToy  Morticia X Rodney
NightLight  Zeke X Lumi
DeliveryBoys  Miguel X Allen 
Dawn  Camila X Chernobog

3. Who do you hold these ships with? (Name all the admins)
CupCakeX Blaze, Zero X Rag :iconnekoyukimoon2:
Elenor X Kenneth :iconblackblade94:
Morticia X Rodney, Zeke X Lumi :iconask-horrorelectronic:
Miguel X Allen :iconat-nomi:

4. Which pair is the longest relationship?

Princess Cupcake X Blaze

5. Which pair is the newest relationship?
Morticia X Rodney 

6. Which ship is the most romantic?
probably Elenor and Kenneth

7. Which ship is the most messed up?
Camila and Chernobog

8. Which ship is the cutest?
I cant pick between Miguel X Allen or Elenor X Kenneth

9. Which ship is the most developed?

Probably Camila X Chernobog, Zero X Ragx and Miguel X Allen 

10. Which ship is closest to marriage? 
 Miguel and Allen by far beats them all by a long shot

11. Do any of the ships currently have children/pregnancy involved?
Miguel and Allen are expecting~

12. Are any of them plan on having kids/trying getting pregnant? If so which one(s)?
Not sure really maybe Zero X Rag if they ever get married lol would. Those creatures would be the cutest things ever.

13. Which pair is the most compatible you think?
Miguel And Allen cause they tend to be two peas in a pod. That or Elenor and Kenneth cause they have smooth sailing.

14. Any opposites attract?
yah Definitely Zero and Rag cause Zero is way to loud and Rag is super shy and quiet jaja

15. Do you have a ship you love most? Why?
I love them all equally 

16. Which ship(s) have been intimate?
Miguel and Allen because you know they have a baby on the way

17. Got any virgin pairs? (Neither of them has had sex yet)
oh definitely jaja

18. Got any secret ships/crack pairs?
I have like 1 Crack ship and thats it -tears-

19. You wanna tell us?

Zeke X Nami 

20. Any admins you wish to ship with?
There are so many I want to ship with but idk I feel like I'm not good enough TT^TT. They are to wonderful for me and I get way to shy when i try that or I get ignored, well at least it feels like i get ignored. 

21. Wanna tell us who those admins are?
I shall take it to my grave!

22. Got any favourite ship(s) that are not yours?
Indeed I do but thats a long list I dont want to get into at the moment.

23. Got any ships that are not ships yet but are gonna be canon soon or in the future? VwV
Sadly no because like I said in question 20 I'm either to shy or I get ignored.

24. Got any girlxgirl/boyxboy ships?
I have 1 

25. Which ship(s) do you think has the hottest couple?
Blaze and CC cause you know Blaze is a fire person and he's pretty hot!
lol that was a lame joke but I think they are all them same I cant think of one that is hotter then the other.

26. List your ships in order from oldest to newest. ^^
Blaze X CC
Camila X Chernobog
Zero X Rag
Miguel X Allen
Elenor X Kenneth 
Zeke X Lumi
Morticia X Rodney 

27. Who do you think will make the cutest babies?
Elenor and Kenneth cause they are both such cuties. 

28. Who do you think will make the prettiest bride? (Out of the female OCs you own)
Elenor by far cause she is such a babe lol

29. Who do you think will make the handsomest groom? (Out of the male OCs you own)
Zeke cause he does now how to dress to impress

30. Who do you want to get married the most/or who's wedding would you be most excited for?
I dont know really I's have to say it's a tie between Miguel X Allen and Zero X Rag

Yay! You completed the questionnaire!
Now tag at least 5 people!!


or whoever wants to do it so yippie! I'm outtie!

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